#Trending – Palazzo Pants 

This is all about drama! Well the good drama at least! 
Palazzo pants are making a reappearance this spring season! They are available in so many shades and beautiful prints. 
While palazzo pants are definitely a statement piece, don’t be afraid to wear them with a dramatic top especially if you can score a solid color pair! Have fun dressing up or dressing down your very own pair! 

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How To – Wearing Pastel

It’s time!

Put away your winter hats, scarfs, and coats; and bring out your light jackets, sandals, and pastels! With longer days and warmer weather on the horizon, great icing on the cake would be to start rocking pastel colors!

When you think pastel colors you may think Easter eggs and Peeps marshmallows but I have put together some looks that will definitely elevate any outfit idea you may have in mind. I’m here to help you think outside the box and step outside of your comfort zone! These looks are ideal for the spring season and are perfect with Resurrection Sunday right around the corner.

#Trending – Joggers 

Joggers are universal and can be worn numerous ways! I broke how to wear them down into three scenarios! Dressy, causal, and fun!

Worn dressy! Of course heels are the ultimate way to turn anything casual into a show stopper! I also paired the joggers with a blazer to add a sophisticated touch!
Worn fun! Fun is all in the details! To add a special touch to the joggers I paired them with a ruffled off the shoulder top and some cute chunky heel sandals!
When I think casual I think comfort! So I paired the joggers with sneakers, a tank, and a leather jacket. Who said casual couldn’t be fashionable?!

How To – Smart Packing

I am about to make packing so much easier for you!

If you’re like me, packing is the only thing you dread when it’s time to travel. There are so many thoughts and possibilities running through your mind. Things like, “what if I go to a gala, I have to bring my ball gown” or, “even though I’m going to Antartica, I may go swimming, I need my bikini”. Often times our minds lead us to overpacking and we end up with 2 suitcases for an overnight trip. (Story of my life.)

Well, I created a formula to make packing blues turn into sunny skies! Continue reading “How To – Smart Packing”

What to Wear – Valentine’s Day Denim 

Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday this year so how about denim?

This year rather hanging out with your friends or hanging with your boo thing, try something different like wearing denim. Denim is an universal fabric that can be dressed up or down and pairs well with almost anything.
It’s time to take denim to the next level and step up your denim game.

Continue reading “What to Wear – Valentine’s Day Denim “

#Trending – Fur Accessories

Let’s get it all out before the weather changes! Fur accessories are super fun and serve as a creative way to enhance any outfit! Pick between fur bags, shoes, and scarfs. For a simple look pair with basic pieces like jeans and a tee. For a stand out look pair with different prints and textures! Have fun accessorizing with fur!

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#Trending – Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder dresses and tops serve as a perfect way to show some skin in a subtle way. What makes a cold shoulder special is that they have a nice cut out on the shoulder that shows the perfect amount of skin! Pair a cold shoulder top with high rise jeans or a cute a line skirt. There are plenty of options that I am sure you could pair with what you have in your wardrobe! Continue reading “#Trending – Cold Shoulder”